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31 October 2031 @ 09:47 pm
This journal is ~FRIENDS ONLY~ ❣

*waves* Welcome, everyone! ^_^ Here be my introduction posting with some facts about me.

Also, please comment below if you'd like to be added ^_^b

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Thanks for dropping by! ^_^    
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17 February 2013 @ 01:33 am
This entry is exactly what it says in the title! \(^o^)/

Each time I get a reply from a J-rocker I follow on Twitter, I will post it here -->

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Thank you so much, guys! ♥

This really makes me happy! o(^-^)o

Pics taken from:
Shuse: ameblo blog
Chachamaru: YFC blog

Ray: official Twitter account
Chisato: tokyohive
Makoto: somewhere from the depths of tumblr >_>
official Twitter account
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~TADAIMA o(≧∀≦)o OKAERI o(≧∀≦)o~

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14 June 2012 @ 01:50 pm
"I think a lot of people in the fandom are talking about his sexist views without the proper context."
excused_early's entry regarding the issue; which is definitely worth a read since it's pretty objective and detailed
(^ Really, props for that ^^b)

However, I see things from a different angle.
What excused_early is doing is she is taking GACKT's words seriously and is evaluating whether they are sexist or not.
I'd like to point out the other side...NOT taking GACKT's words seriously.

“We cannot judge him by what he says on the internet/television/et cetera. Besides, he doesn’t mean what he’s saying.“

So it becomes ironic when people who say just that use above mentioned awesome user's posting as an example to try and point out what? How reasonable their statements are?

That comes down to: "I don't think he's really sexist (in his private life) but this user here gives great reasons on why his sexism is justified by his culture."

Which one shall it be?
If he's actually not sexist, why would you need to defend his sexist statement?
It's like multiplying by zero.

And this is precisely my problem with the fandom and the reason why I left.
People went a bit too delusional and started to sugarcoat everything he does.
I don't so much have a problem with GACKT's more "traditional" ("controversial", or however you want to call it) statements - ultimately, it's his business since (regarding the issue at hand) he has to find that kind of girlfriend after all.
I think I've been a fan long enough to learn a couple of things about this man. And I acknowledge these things, because I can't and I don't want to change him. That's just who he is.
But of course accepting something does not mean I have to like it.

Now back to the "He's just kidding/He doesn't mean it (because he's not like that)" people.
The basics first: GACKT is a celebrity. He’s been in the business for years, so we can safely say this man knows how to express himself and is conscious of what he’s saying - especially when speaking about a deeper and personal subject.
I think G is pretty serious about his values, he constantly also conveys them to the public (because he's trying to use his popularity and make a change), such as “Treasure Japanese culture more”, “As a man, be more manly and carnivorous”, … From the latter quote and what he himself has said, for GACKT the exact opposite applies to women. Then, his views also go with the more traditional role that women have in Japanese society. Hence, we can assume he is being serious.

And if we go from him actually being serious, then I have one thing to point out regarding the type of fan mentioned in this entry:
To me it just seems kind of disrespectful to strip all meaning from what he says. Like I said, I don’t see this as a subject he would be joking about.
So really, ignoring what he has to say while labeling it as a joke just seems more disrespectful to me than taking him by his word and disagreeing with him.

.....There, I said it. ^^
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What. the. hell.
Yesterday after updating my profile and deleting a few tweets, my twitter went crazy. I kept getting spammed by error messages left and right, I could no longer see my own tweets/followers/people I follow. Clicking on random users suddenly told me the user no longer exists, trying to delete my own tweet told me the tweet no longer exists, trying to undo a retweet and a second later it retweets itself again....
And today I made myself a new twitter account and also had the same problems X_x
Wrote twice to the kind folks @Support, maybe they solved it now, maybe the problem solved itself - I don't know.
But it works now!

I'm not around that often (I'M ON TWITTER ALL THE TIME NOW) and I fangirl mostly...but if you're also being a birdy, feel free to add me m(__)m
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18 April 2012 @ 12:56 am
Just thought I'd make a list of things that struck me the most during my three days in Paris ^_^

1.) French people are frigging helpful and kind. Stereotypes are so not true. Even without asking, after just a clueless look many Frenchmen automatically offered us help with directions et cetera. And they had no ill feelings when being asked in English and offered to reply in another language. ....You are awesome <3
2.) Distances. People of Paris, you respect them too much. XD "It takes a long time!" "15 minutes" "3 kilometers" - haha, no ^^' After many of such comments, we arrived at the desired spot in less than half that time. The distance between metro stations in Paris is also nothing big.
3.) Culinary variety. It's awesomeeee! Unlike the mixed Asia restaurants you find in my country, in Paris you get everything. And from the restaurants I visited, they offer a wide range of original dishes.
4.) Adaptation. During my stay, it impressed me what a big number of foreign-looking people the city has. Yet when you pass them by, they all speak in perfect French.
5.) Street vendors. FUUUUU- these guys were annoyingly importunate! They always held fake designer stuff under your nose, (one guy touched my arm despite me telling him to GTFO of my personal space). After the concert, they were there selling L'Arc~en~Ciel posters for very cheap. It made me proud that I didn't see a single fan buy one because they were unofficial.
6.) Sights. You can pretty much walk everywhere in Paris if you have strong legs and comfy shoes, you'll surely find a couple of amazing things on the way. In one evening alone, Dani and I found Montmatre with Sacre Coeur, the Opera, Notre Dame de Lorette and the Moulin Rouge. (Side note: We walked over 30 km in these three days, half of which was spent going in circles)
7.) French tap water. It tastes like keeping your mouth open when swimming through a pool >_< Yucky...
8.) Rules of the road. What are they? LOL Since you rarely get a green light as a pedestrian in Paris (and it switches in an instant), people mostly cross when the traffic light still glows red. If you have green and step on the crosswalk, don't expect drivers to care much about this. (It seems I made ignoring red lights a habit now >_> Not good)
9.) Size of sidewalks. They're either nonexistent or bigger than the road...
10.) McCafé. Sorry France but yours don't hold a candle to those in Austria. ^^' We have a bigger range of specials and nicer presentation.
11.) Few supermarkets. Uh-huh, and they aren't very big either. There is a shitload of restaurants to make up for that though. We mostly had Asian food, it was very well made and the prices were totally okay.
12.) Public toilets. No thanks ^^' Many of them not being looked after too much, they are small and often shared between men and women.
13.) Standing in line. A hobby of Parisians? Well, the city is crowded after all. But you meet a lot of cool people while waiting.
14.) Japanese people - Engrish only. We met two very sweet Japanese girls while standing in line (surprise!), and started to talk with them about our favorite artists. I mentioned "Acid Black Cherry" - no reaction. It was only after half a minute that it clicked and I got a tentative "Asito Bulack Cherri?" as a reply. From then on I pronounced everything the Japanese way and had no more problems XD
15.) Laruku fans are truly awesome. They are. We met the three German girls who started the flyer project which ended up moving Hyde to tears ^_^ Another German fan was so glad to have met us she asked us to sign her T-shirt. The Japanese girls where friggin adorable (with surprisingly good English!), they uncharacteristically hugged us when we parted. After the concert, I comforted two girls who were crying their eyes out because they found it so amazing. Hyde's gifts from the French fans were hilarious, they put some thought into it XDD A grandma took her grandchild to the concert, she left after she saw that the fans were super chill. When they let us in before the concert, Dani and I got separated - people in front of me let me go ahead!

Paris, je t'aime! ^_____^
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16 April 2012 @ 01:31 am
First of all, let me thank you all for wishing me a great time in Paris and a safe trip. *hugs*
I had just that and more.
During these 3 days with my roommate, we were on our feet all day.

On our first day (which started at 4 AM), there was the early flight, arrival, the confusing trip through Paris, search for our hotel; and after everything, we still made room for some French culture.
On the second day, there was a looooong wait and finally the much anticipated concert of L'Arc~en~Ciel.
On the third day, there was more walking and getting lost, a food search and our departure.

All this time, I had the most fun.
Thank you to all the incredibly helpful and friendly French people I met - I love you guys! ^_^ Vive la France!
Thank you to the German L'Arc fans I met - Monika, Lydia, Eva and Lea - for representing the German-speaking community; we had a great time!
Thank you to the Japanese fans I met, Iwahara-san and Sakai-san - you were so kind and funny; I hope to hear from you!
And last but not least: Thank you to my roommate Dani, my dear friend - everything was your fault XD (In a good way!)

I'm sorry to the many people who chose to ask me for information (directions, whatever...) - I hope you didn't get lost ^^'

I took about 200 pictures and two videos during these 3 days - among the pics is this gem (Hyde receiving his French presents).
I didn't expect him to be as beautiful as he is on pictures. Also, I'm really not exaggerating - the CDs don't do him justice. His live voice is AMAZING!
I'll try to write a detailed report in the next few days ^_^

That was all for today. Yosh!
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12 April 2012 @ 11:04 pm
The night has finally come o(^_^)o
In a few hours, we (my roommate and I) will be off for Paris - to see L'Arc~en~Ciel's 20th anniversary tour!!!!!
Please wish us luck so that everything goes well.

Next update: Hopefully on Sunday. You never know...
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17 February 2012 @ 01:22 am
I wanted to make this entry all about one of my favorite movies of all time, and one of the best German movies. ^_^ It's really a timeless little gem.
"Lola Rennt", also known as "Run Lola Run".

I stumbled upon the DVD today and just had to take it home with me. ^^ I cannot get enough of this movie.
I've also taken some caps, almost 150 to be exact, you'll find them all here if you are interested.

Review starts here. I'll warn you when we reach spoiler territory, ne?


Berlin. Lola loves Manni. Manni is involved in some shady business. Acting as a money courier, he accidentally forgets 100.000 DM [old German currency] in the subway after trying to escape from ticket control. The bag is found by some hobo, and now Manni fears that his boss will kill him if he doesn't show up with the money at their meeting point in 20 minutes.
Lola promises to help and starts to run. 100.000 DM in 20 minutes. To save the man she loves....

Run Lola Run combines a vast amount of different styles: freeze frames, split screens, animation; topped with lots of different camera angles. Visually, it’s incredibly engaging to watch Lola run her way through Berlin – however, the fun is in the details. Along the way, Lola runs into several different people. Depending on minor circumstances, even a second, a whole new story and different future is created.
Lola is able to make her run three times – each time with a completely different outcome for her, her boyfriend and the people involved.

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14 December 2011 @ 12:21 pm
For those of you living in the United States, you may or may not know that Congress is currently pushing to pass a law that would, in essence, censor the internet in an effort to 'combat piracy'. If this bill passes, all social media sites are at risk of being blocked within the country.

Yes, including LiveJournal. In other words, if this law passes, this might be it for myself as well as many others in terms of being able to be active on LJ / the internet in general.

For those of you who believe it will have no chance of passing: the bill has broad support within congress and is going for markup THIS THURSDAY, December 15th. Our voices need to be heard if we want to stop this bill.

So for those of you living in the United States, PLEASE visit the following website and sign Senator Wyden's petition to stop the bill, known as SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).


For those of you who live ANYWHERE please sign the following petition: http://www.avaaz.org/en/save_the_internet/?fp

And again to people living in the United States: Call your senators and share your thoughts on the bill! If we have any hope of stopping this bill, we need to jam up their phone lines this week. Fill out the call forms and LEARN MORE about SOPA at http://americancensorship.org/

Also: PLEASE REPOST THIS TO YOUR OWN JOURNALS. I'm sure your friends won't get on you about posting one fandom-unrelated post when it could save the internet we all love to use.

For more on SOPA: http://act.demandprogress.org/letter/pipa_sopa

Fight SOPA. Fight for the Future.

(Taken from fma245 and cestlavieminako's journals.)

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